Best Summer Beauty Tips and Tricks

The summer season requires its own special beauty tips and tricks. After all, it is in summer that your eyeshadow becomes a greasy pool in your eyelid creases, your hair falls flat or frizzes to a crisp, and your hair color has an aptitude to look like mud in opposition to your tan.

Don’t Be Afraid of Shine

Dewy skin is beautiful. Don’t over-powder and cosmetics your face because you’re afraid it’s a grease ditch. Instead, try to wipe papers.

About the Skin

Don’t try to cake on too much makeup. Any makeup artist will tell you the secret to a flawless beauty is not about the “perfect eye” or the “perfect lip,” it’s all about even skin tone. This is especially true in the warm summer months when you naturally want to wear less makeup.

What You Can Skip in Summer

You likely have the beauty routine that you’ve had forever. But there are some changes you can make in summer. Here are a few of them:
  • Don’t over-exfoliate as you might in winter. Exfoliating removes the top layers of the skin, making it extra susceptible to sunburn.
  • Don’t Try to shampoo daily. Use a dry shampoo to absorb up any extra oils.          Your hair will be healthier.
  • No need for a heavy moisturizer in summer. A light one will do you better.
  • Instead of tanning your face, use bronzer. Your 50-year-old self will thank you a few years down the road.

Get your skin in features and you will find you need low makeup:

If your skin is uneven, blotchy, or pimply, get thee to the dermatologist and figure it out. Don’t try to solve your skin problems yourself.
Lasers are wonderful. They can ascertain red lines and completely, thoroughly rejuvenate your skin. Keep your face protected from the sun.

Makeup Items to Embrace

Summer days mean you can get away with less makeup. For the sweet, most natural-looking face, clasp these four beauty items:
1. Fake eyelashes. There’s nothing quite so alluring as a natural face devoid of makeup, but with long lashes and lip gloss.
Try to skip the mascara which can run and effort fake lashes instead. Either get them done professionally or apply your own with strips or individual lashes. Ardell 301s are the perfect fake lashes.
2. A light, pink lip gloss. unhesitatingly up lips with a bit of color and annotation. The best way to do this is to get the tinted glass.
3. Bronzer. Since you’re keeping your face out of the sun, you can add in a bit of color with bronzers.

Colored Hair Needs Protecting

The sun, salt, and chlorine will turn dyed hair all types of wild colors. Protect your investment by seizing hair with water before going into chlorinated water. The dry cuticle will soak up water, but if it’s wet, it won’t, thus protecting hair from the salt and chlorine.
Protect hair from the sun by bearing a hat or splodge hair with a protector like Fekkai SunShine Shield Spray.


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