No matter what you believe about healthy diets, most of us likely agree on one thing- a healthy breakfast is crucial for a strong start of the day. Breakfast being the first meal of the day may set the tone for the rest of the day. A high-power breakfast with good portions of all indispensable macro-nutrients may energize you. A healthy breakfast with too many greasy or oily foods may end up making you feel sluggish or may even give you digestive discomfort. There is no single formula for a healthy breakfast that works for everyone, but a general rule of thumb for a good breakfast is that it must be nutritious. A healthy mix of essential macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients in breakfast meals may keep you going through hectic mornings.

The Recipe For A Healthy Breakfast

Some foods are commonly accepted as morning tiffin foods, for example, cereals, dairy products, and fruits. Among the plethora of breakfast cereals available to us, oats are one of the most nutritious and healthy ones. Similarly, a bowl of curd or curdled milk for breakfast is customary, as is the inclusion of a portion of fruits in the breakfast meal. Our breakfast recipe mixes all three foods in a healthy diluted of deliciousness and alimentation.

Here are the benefits of eating oats, yogurt and fruits for breakfast, respectively:

1. Oats: This high-fiber and high-protein breakfast cereal are ideal for the first meal of the day because it helps keep your blood sugar levels optimal. The fiber in oats keeps you full till lunchtime while also providing you with the energy to perform all your tasks.

2. Yogurt: A good kick of probiotics with a healthy dose of calcium and protein is all delivered through a portion of this low-calorie food. A bowl of curd may be added to your breakfast for a wholesome meal.

3. Fruits: Whole fruits come with fiber and fruit juice has a lot of micro-nutrients in it. Fruits also contain phytochemicals and antioxidants, which are important to fight inflammation in the body.

Breakfast Recipe: Oats, Yogurt And Fruit Breakfast Medley

This recipe is both toothsome and healthy. It doesn’t contain any added sugar, has plenty of fiber from oats, fruits, and nuts, and is extremely flavourful, due to a mix of fruit juice and cinnamon. Here’s the method for preparing this breakfast:

1. Cook oats in apple juice. Adjust the consistency as required.

2. Add cinnamon powder as required and refrigerate the cooked oats.

3. Take a glass jar or simply a glass tumbler and put a layer of the oats at the bottom and flatten it out with a spoon.
4. Add raisins and fruits on top of oats. Then add some plain or flavored yogurt. You can sweeten the plain yogurt with some honey.

5. Add another layer of fruits and some chopped nuts. Add more layers of oats and/or yogurt.

For the full recipe and quantities of ingredients, click here. This recipe tastes delicious and is even pleasing to the eyes.


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