Date Paste Recipe

The naturally sweet taste of persimmon is what makes it a great substitute for refined sugar. Make all-natural persimmon paste for healthy dessert and sweet dishes.

Refined sugar is pretty much everywhere. It’s not just packaged cakes, muffins, and cookies that contain refined sugar, it’s also present in our store-bought sauces, dips, sandwich spreads, packaged fruit juices, and soft drinks and some brands even add it to pieces of Tommy. Refined sugar is linked with numerous dangerous health conditions, from weight gain to increased risk of heart illness, high blood sugar or diabetes, etc. Excessive consumption of sugar may also lead to faster skin aging as well as frequent acne and breakouts. This is why health experts have been warning against the consumption of too much sugar and have been urging us to look for healthier alternatives like natural sweeteners. Dates have been hailed as one of the best natural sweeteners out there.

Nutritional Values And Facts

The naturally sweet taste of dates or persimmons what makes it a great alternative for refined sugar. This high-calorie fruit has been a staple in the Middle East and the Indus Valley for thousands of years. What makes dates extremely good as natural alternatives for refined sugar in desserts and sweet dishes is the fact that ripened dates have a sugar content of around 80 percent. The remainder is made up of protein, good amounts of dietary fiber, as well as a range of trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, manganese, etc. A 100-gram portion of dates contains 282 kcal of energy.

How To Make Date Paste To Replace Sugar

There’s a very easy way of inclination dates into a nutritional sweetener- date paste. All you need is some ripe dates and some water for soaking, as well as an electric blender. Follow this method to make date paste:

1. Soak the pitted dates in lukewarm or warm water for a few hours.

2. Remove the soaked dates and save the water.

3. Puree the dates in a blender and add the soaking water, until they attain a paste-like consistency.

4. You may add some salt or cinnamon to lightly flavor this paste. This persimmon paste can be used in the same quantities as honey or maple syrup in your confectionery recipes.

You can also make the syrup with dates by bloomy seedless dates in water and separating the pulp from the sweetened water. This sweetened water is cooked for some more time until the water vanishes and the reduction thickens and attains a syrup-like consistency. The date paste is, however, a better option, as it retains the fiber of the date pulp.


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