How to Create Your Best Body

I’ve built my own body to a point that I’m very happy, proud and comfortable with, but I’m not done. I’ll never be done. Physical development, just like the development of the Self, the soul, and the mind, never ends, nor should we want it to. Even as age aims to take our strength and our vibrance, we must move onward and upward, forward toward a stronger, more resilient body, mind, and spirit. Life is a constant ascent. There are times where we stumble and regress, but there is no plateau, no place to sit back and lament. We move and development or we comfort up and we come back and we fail.

1. Eat Like a Man

The focus of this article will not be on enhancing your testosterone levels because that’s precisely what each of these programs does by making you stronger, leaner, the receipt you in better shape, or fostering you the building blocks of testosterone, as this diet does. With that said, the Man diet will help you build a better, stronger and beautiful body.

2. Start With Strength

Before any aesthetic goal is pursued; before you aim to get abs or bigger shoulders or anything like that, start with strength. It’s a strength that will help you build muscle, more muscle, and burn fat, more fat. Without power, you’re setting yourself up for what will amount to less than what you could have accomplished if you were stronger. You’re lowering your bar, you’re repression your expectations.
When you’re training for the power you’re not always training to failure and your focus on each lift should be the gunpowder speed of the concentric contraction. Some of my best power gains have come when I stopped the set as my lift slowed, not when I failed, but when the speed of the gymnastics began to slow.

How to Create Your Best Body

It’s not an easy road, it wants to focus and diligence and real, severe work. But it is a relatively simple road when you consider that all it takes is the following of a program that works. It doesn’t require of you a ton of research, though each of the aforementioned programs will provide you with that research. Find a method that you believe in and that works, and stick to it. Don’t start a program then search for another. Don’t purchase a workout then stop a week into it and start differently.
See each phase of your conversion through.
Start with the diet, then power over the trifles. It is simple, and if you’re willing to work and persist and stay the course, you will build the body you’ve always wanted, it’s just a matter of time.


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