Makeup Ideas Specially For Party

If you are going to attend any special party, you need to prepare for the party before the day and plan how to look attractive in the party. You should have the right makeup ideas so that your makeup can be striking and can last long.
The most important thing to do before the makeup is to prepare for the special day. Do your eyebrows 2days before the party. Try to not do makeup at least a day earlier at the party. Choose the dress which you want to wear at the party and choose the footwear and accessories matching with the dress. You can do a facial hour or a day before starting your makeup.
Right makeup ideas can make you more pretty. If the party is at day time, you should do simple but beautiful makeup. Don’t use confoundedly blush or too dark eye shadows. Try to select natural and bright colors following to your skin tone. If you are going to an evening party or late night party, you can do gorgeous makeup. You can give your eyes a smoky look or just make them look dazzling.
Before starting the makeup wash your face and with face wash. You can rub an ice cube. That will help your makeup to last longer than usual. Base makeup is the most important thing. Any wrong step by the base makeup can ruin your whole look. Choose the concealer and foundations which match your body color. Choose lipstick according to your skin color. You can select darker colors like maroon, red or purple for night time parties.
To look perfect and prettier in a party, try to not overdo makeup and ruin your natural beauty. Select the look that suits you best and tries to look gorgeous in natural ways.
Some example is given below. hope you guys are like it
Step 1:
Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to prep your skin for makeup. Making sure your skin is hydrated and plump before makeup application is key to making your makeup look like real, natural skin.
Step 2: 
Apply a light to medium coverage foundation or BB cream. If you do use a brush and want a seamlessly blended finish, go over your face with a damp beauty sponge to ensure there are no streaks or lines. Next, pat concealer under eyes. Choose a color one to two shades lighter than your foundation to brighten up the under-eye area and cover up any discoloration and dark circles.
Step 3:
 Sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks to give your face a nice flush. For a natural finish, you’ll want the blush to look soft and diffused, so we recommend an easy-to-blend formula like the Shu Uemura Fresh Cushion Blush. Warm-up your skin tone with a bronzer of your choice. Apply this under your cheekbones and along your temples and jawline.
Step 4: 
Spoolie your brows, and fill them in with a brow product of your choice. Powders give a diffused, natural look while pencils are more precise.
Step 5:
Apply a warm eyeshadow shade to your crease, then swipe a neutral shade across the lower lid. Blend, blend, blend! For this step we recommend a palette with lots of matte brown shades so you can experiment with tones and colors that work for you like NYX Professional Makeup Warm Neutrals Ultimate Shadow Palette, it’s perfect for beginners and quality, affordable option.
Step 6: 
Finish the look with a pink or nude lip gloss that compliments your skin tone. For this step, give Lancôme L’Absolu Rosy Plump a try, which enhances your lips and offers a sheer, rosy tint.


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